Friday, February 26, 2010

We're All In This Together!

It's so important to teach yourself to think positively. It doesn't come naturally to most people. There are a lucky few.

I'm not suggesting that you deny problems but to face them in a positive way.

For example, I'm having to change a lot in my life right now due to having spine surgery. I'm use to being "super woman". My body was willing to do almost anything I wanted to do.

Now I am limited and have chosen to face it in a positive way. I'm finding ways to get what I need to get done even if that involves asking for help which is tough for me.

I'm not saying I don't have moments of feeling sorry for myself. I do, but I limit that time and make sure I end that time with a positive I'm lucky I still can walk and am able to lift light weights.

I think about Christopher Reeves and others like him. I think of my brother who has Parkinsons and then my "pity pot" time goes away.

We all struggle with something. We're all in this together.

Thinking positively will help you to take steps toward improving your health habits.

It's so important to remind yourself of that every day, several times a day, so you program your brain to be your friend.

Your fitness expert

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just Do It!

Some days I just do not feel like exercising.

I often relish the thought of my one day a week off.

My easy days bring a sigh of relief. My tough workout days take me a few personal nudges to get those workouts started.

But at the end of all of my weeks...I'm so glad I did my exercise!

Often having someone say, "just do it!" helps get the exercise ball rolling.

I'm here to do just that... tell you to get to it.

You need to get up and move your body!

Trust me you truly need to exercise. Dust the house, dance with your broom or vacuum, walk your dog or put on one of my DVDs and workout with me.

Get active and your health will improve making you feel sooo much better.

Just do it!

Your fitness expert

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Keep With The Program

The first of the year generally brings excitement and new goals. It's amazing how many visitors I have to our website at the first of the year.

As the end of February rolls around some of that enthusiasm wanes. It's so important to "keep with your program". Exercising and eating healthy are a life time goal.

Keep visiting my blog and reading good information from sites like to keep your thoughts going in the right direction.

It's a constant relearning experience when you're changing life time habits. As we age that's just what we need to do. Each year requires a resetting of our exercise and eating habits due to the changes our bodies go through as we age.

You can do it! Keep with your program and take the time to take care of yourself. The rewards are HUGE.

Your fitness expert

My three best friends and I

My three best friends and I
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