Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yoga Is It Good Or Bad?

I'm taking a course in yoga so I can add that to my knowledge base.

When I was much younger I did yoga and loved it. The poses I did were not as severe as some of the ones I'm seeing now. It was a gentler practice.

There's good and bad in everything. Some yoga poses are very harmful to people with knee, neck and back problems. Other poses are wonderful for those conditions.

It's so important to set limits when you practice yoga or any fitness program. If you feel pain during or even the day after a movement, then that movement is not friendly to your body!

When I say pain, I don't mean soreness. Using new muscles can cause soreness. I mean injury pain.

I've been trying several yoga poses while completing the course. Some of them are just plain bad for me. My back is experiencing injury pain this morning.

The tough thing for me and for many is to figure out which move caused the pain. I didn't feel it when I was doing the pose...I feel it now though.

I'm going to have to be very aware when I try the poses again to discover the culprit.

It's so important to find a good yoga instructor that allows your body to be her guide.

No one looks alike when doing yoga properly. Everyone has unique body alignment and that needs to be respected.

If you get an instructor that comes over and tugs on your body trying to force it to look different beware!

Yoga poses involve joints and tendons which can be injured if forced to stretch beyond their currant level.

I plan on going out and taking some classes with some yoga instructors so I'll keep you posted on what to watch out for and what to look for in an instructor.

For now I'm off to try a few new poses.

Have a great day!


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My three best friends and I
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