Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Exercise Makes You Powerful

It's important to not let anyone take your power.

Each and everyone of us has power. It may not feel like that sometimes but we do.

There are times for all of us when we feel less than.

We feel like we just don't measure up to someone or something.

Those are the times positive self talk is a must! The words you share with yourself are powerful.

Exercise can help you get your power back in more than one way.

When you're feeling like you just don't count a good workout can help you clear your mind of the destructive talk and replace it with positive, useful thoughts.

Exercise increases the "feel good" hormones so thinking about positives ways to view your situation is easier.

Exercise also adds power to your body.

Powerful mind. Powerful body.

Exercise is powerful!

Your fitness expert,

My three best friends and I

My three best friends and I
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