Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Travel A lot? Get A Jump Rope To Stay In Shape

Jumping rope is such a great exercise for most people. If you have bad knees or have had spinal surgery like myself it's not such a great idea.

Before my surgery jumping rope was a staple exercise. While training for kick boxing I learned to really appreciate all the jumping rope does for you. It's one of the primary tools used to train with. 

When I traveled I always carried a jump rope in my suitcase. You can get a great workout where ever you are. 

If your looking for some thing new to add to your workout or are already using a jump rope and just need a new one I selected one that's "for women" on Amazon.com.

So there you go! Another product tip!

Your fitness expert

Lynn    www.getrealfit.org

Monday, March 29, 2010

This New Podcast Will Inspire You To Get In Shape!

I uploaded another podcast! Episode #4 is "The Benefits of Exercise".

I try to keep the podcasts short and to the point. You get good messages and information.

Daily reading, hearing and doing...(exercise)  is what's going to bring you the health you want. I'm providing as many ways to get the message to you. I need to hear it myself!

I gain a lot of benefit doing all of this sharing. It's too easy to say,"I'll start tomorrow". Join me and start today!

If you click on the picture of the podcast on the right side of this website it will take you to the podcast. Please leave comments and questions (:

lynnhahnpodcast.libsyn.com is the website so click the picture or this link and enjoy...

Your fitness expert

Lynn     www.getrealfit.org

Exercise Bands Are All The Rage!

Hi all!  I wanted to share a link to a company that has amazing fitness bands.

I'm often asked where to get exercise bands so here you go


I use their bands every day. They're the ones I use in my fitness DVD "Body Bands and Rings".  http://www.getrealfit.org/products.html

So if you're looking for something new and fun to strength train with visit their site!

Feel free to ask questions and leave comments. I'd love to hear from you!

Your fitness expert

Lynn    www.getrealfit.org

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hand Squeeze Balls Are Fantastic!

Okay this is the first product I'm going to recommend to you.

After my surgery I was able to regain some strength in my hands and arms with a squeeze ball.

In the martial arts we use them to be able to get a good grip so we have the hand strength to put others into controlling locks.

They give you beautiful forearms!

They also help with carpel tunnel plus are a healthy outlet for stress.

Instead of grabbing a cookie you can grab your squeeze ball LOL.

In the car waiting for traffic you can squeeze the ball...hey there's lots of ways you can benefit from these simple inexpensive exercise balls!

Your fitness expert

Lynn    www.getrealfit.org

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm An Amazon Associate Now

Amazon.com is offering a really cool service.

I can tell you about great products they carry that I like and believe you too would like. I will be an affiliate so I will get a small return if you decide you want the item I'm sharing about.

I wanted to give you a heads up on this. They even provided a "search" tool so you can find products from this blog. It's on the lower right side of the screen.How cool is that!

There are so many choices out there. Getting suggestions from an expert is a great bonus. So there you go! We just keep adding more for you so keep visiting us.

Your fitness expert

Lynn    www.getrealfit.org

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trying To Find Good Solutions To Your Fitness Issues?

I put up a new podcast today about "Finding Good Solutions".

Once you set goals you need to find solutions to obtain your goals. Going to the right source for those solutions is crucial.

Your doctor should be your first source when looking for solutions to health issues.

Check out the podcast and get some great tips...

Knowledge is power!

The more you can learn about your health and the more times you hear the more likely you are to be successful at getting healthy.

Your fitness expert

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We're On I Tunes!

My podcast got picked up by i tunes!

Must be the luck of the Irish...I just sent it in at midnight so it took less than a day!

It did have a hick up.

I did two versions for you on my podcast website. One has pictures. It's called an "enhanced" ma4 version. It requires "quick time" which not all people have so I also did a more standard version called an mp3 so everyone can hear the episodes. I tunes put both on my page and labeled them 2 episodes opppps!

I sent some emails out to see what I can do. It's a good problem :)

This is exciting! Hope you'll give it a visit.

Your fitness expert

Friday, March 12, 2010

Practice Using Positive Words

My first podcast is about the "Power of Positive Thinking and Healthy Patterns". It's such a great subject!

Using words wisely is daily practice for me.

My husband told me doctors practice medicine.

His words were very correct.

Doctors can't be perfect or have just the right answer for each situation because each person and each situation is different...but they keep working at their craft, they practice.

So I keep working at my craft. I practice using positive words as much as I possibly can.

The twelve step program used for many addictions has some powerful words...one day at a time. That is a fantastic sentence to adopt for yourself. One day at a time.

Practicing to speak to yourself and others can be done one day at a time.

Just a little note to put in your mind :)

Your fitness expert

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Movies And Courage?

Courage is a great thing to have. Not all of us come with the same dose of courage.

I love the lion on the Wizard of OZ. I think of him often when I'm going out on the limb and need a story to help me walk through to the other side of the situation whether it be a relationship matter, a goal I've set or a work related challenge.

There are many movies that can teach you a lot of great information. Good up lifting stories can help take you to places you need to go.

Instead of listening to the negative story your head is telling you, thinking of the plot of special movies can be almost as helpful as therapy.

Some therapists use movies to teach their clients. Jesus was a story teller.

I'm trying to rev up my courage to keep going with all the new projects I'm working on.

If you're trying to face a new challenge and need some courage try watching a movie that inspires you to get going. Maybe watching it every day for a bit. I do that sometimes.

Lunch and my inspirational movie!

Your fitness specialist

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tough Days

Some days are tougher than others.

Yesterday I had to make myself do everything. I wanted to put my head back under the covers and stay there. Those days happen.

Some times I do just that...stay in bed and read or watch silly TV just to get a needed rest. Yesterday wasn't about rest it was about avoidance. On days like that I just make myself behave lol.

I woke up this morning pleased that I didn't allow myself to hide and waste the day.

Keep it going and take care of yourself. Visit sites that encourage you and read books that get you going, talk to friends that have positive attitudes, do what you need to do on your tough days so you keep your journey to health going!

Your fitness expert

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My three best friends and I
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