My name is Lynn Hahn. I'm certified by the American Council on Exercise as a lifestyle and weight management councilor and a fitness instructor. I'm also a certified Third Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate.

I create and produce fitness DVDs for women. My company is called Get Real Fit. To see my workouts visit  www.getrealfit.org

I developed this blog to share information with you about health and fitness. I love talking about health and fitness. Each time I write a post, do a podcast or write an article I get to relearn the topic so it's a real win-win situation :)

There are so many people writing blogs about health and fitness. Some of them are fantastic. Some a bit scary. Having a background in health and fitness is important. Writing about this topic from the love of the heart may not be such a great idea.

It's not like writing about the enjoyment of travel. The advise given on blogs about health and fitness can affect readers well-being. What is heard through the grapevine may be inaccurate. I highly recommend sticking with authors who have a background in the field.

That being said, I do advise reading as much as you can from accredited authors. The more you read, hear and see the more likely you will be to stay on your path to obtaining a healthy life.

You see me at the bottom of my blog with my three doggies. I love dogs! They keep me sane lol. I lost the little one this year. It was very sad but I'll continue to use the picture with my little Joe in it. He will always be in my heart.

I have a special blog for my doggies. I keep getting more dogs so it's fun to read here's the link

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy my blog...

Lynn Hahn

My three best friends and I

My three best friends and I
Thank you for visiting