Monday, October 4, 2010

You Are Beautiful

Women are so great! We come in many sizes and colors. I struggle with the pressure that's put on us to have ripped abs and perfect hips.

I see a lot of my fellow fitness folk pushing the six pack abs and the "be skinny in 10 days" promise and it saddens me...well it actually makes me mad!

Women don't have to have perfect hips and ripped abs to be beautiful, valuable or even healthy. If you're born with the type of body that easily acquires ripped abs and you have small hips great. If not, so what!

I believe in becoming the best you can be. That's why I called my company "Get Real Fit". I wanted to support women in being who they are and becoming the best that they can.

I'm not fancy or flashy. I'm a small town gal but I sure know how to put together a good workout and I've done my homework so I have lots of great information to share. The information is grounded.

I love the Ivory Soap commercials that show "real women" promoting their products. Those women are gorgeous! The are full figured and proud of it.

There are lots of girls that are developing eating disorders and low self esteem because they want to be what is being pushed off as beautiful. Being healthy is beautiful no matter what size or shape.

I had an eating disorder for many years because I felt I wasn't thin enough. It took a lot of hard work to overcome that problem and I still struggle a bit with it. I have not gone back to the behavior but only because I work hard every day not to.

My rule is to eat as healthy as possible and get your exercise. Embrace your own beauty. I get pretty passionate about that. I can't help it. I've seen so many women unhappy with their bodies it truly makes me cry. I allowed myself to fall prey to that kind of thinking at one time and it's "stinking thinking".

Wanting to be healthy so you can enjoy your life and give to those around you makes sense that's where I try to get my thoughts focussed.

This is a subject that I could go on and on about. It's why I do what I do.

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  1. Great post and I agree with your thinking 100%. I love "stinking thinking". :)

  2. Hi Lynn,

    I love your blog, and I especially love the airplane you featured in your previous post. :)

    I agree with your thinking on being over weight and looking great, as you obviously know by now.
    Thanks for dropping in on my site and thanks for a sweet comment. Really appreciate your input. Thanks also for following me on BF!

    Have a stunning day.


  3. Hello . . I so agree with what you are saying about not being a "cookie cutter" version of what fashion thinks is beautiful. I have short legs and an athletic build, which served me well when I was doing cheerleading and gymnastics. I will never be slim or willowy, but that doesn't mean I can't look doggone good in my clothes. I love working out (well, I love the results of working out), but I mainly do it because my mom got breast cancer when she was 40. Now, I'm 41, and doing everything I can to stay healthy. I've also been a vegetarian for about 10 years. I feel and look better at 41 than I did at 31. :)

  4. Sorry to hear about your mom. I'm built like a skinny boy so no perfection here either lol. I bet you look fantastic!

  5. Found you through blog frog and Im glad I did!

  6. This is a great post! Today's society puts so much pressure on women of all ages to be skinny, look muscular but also have big boobs. Television, magazines and celebrities promote an unhealthy version of the way women should look and unfortunately the younger generations are growing up wanting to look and be like this. Its these societal pressures that causes young women to have problems with food, or eating. I myself have struggled with my weight all my life but have been a strong, successful woman even if I wasn't the skinniest or hottest girl.

  7. Great blog and what you said makes such perfect sense. I really enjoy exercising, somedays i struggle before i get to the gym but afterwards im so glad i made it :)


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