Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting Older Does Not Mean You Have To Be Weaker

I am going thru such a change in my life. I hit my 60th birthday still looking good naked. Did I say that out loud? lol. The thing that amazes me is I don't have to exercise as hard as I use to to still have a healthy life and to look good in jeans.

I'm not the pure hard body I was before but I'm not hiding from the mirror when I take a shower either. In fact I smile and say, " not bad for an old lady!" I'm down to strength training for under 30 minutes with weights twice a week and doing body weight strength training twice a week for under 30 minutes. I walk every day with my very high need puppy. I play with her a lot too which burns up the calories.

It's tempting to just stop exercising but then the memory of having no muscles after my cervical surgery comes to remind me that it's a privilege to be able to exercise. I wasn't allowed to lift a shoe for months and still have limits after almost two years.

So getting older does not mean you have to get weak. Just a limited amount of time spent on exercise reaps a huge amount of rewards!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Lynn. You look absolutely fabulous. Wow! 60?? I don't believe it. Not for a minute.

  2. Thanks! Hope all is going well with you. I miss blog hopping and will be back at it soon. Can't wait to read your blog to see what you are up to.

  3. Hope everything goes well for you.
    At 60, still you look slim and sexy.
    Very inspirational post for us.

  4. Great article. In May I hit 50. I`m still physically very active. I go in the gym three times a week, I hit the punch bag, I walk every day about 8 miles, I swim, I ski…. and I`m in the great shape. Getting older is only in our mind.

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  6. Happy birthday! The preservational power of exercise is truly incredible. I see 60-something women in my yoga classes and amazed at how young they look for their age.

  7. Lynn a very inspirational blog with great advice. I currently have the privilege of training a number of "older" women one being 79! However there is nothing "older" about what the can do and their determination to do it! They run rings around my 30 year old's.

    Thanks for sharing you information

  8. Great story! You are and inspiration to other women!


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