Saturday, January 30, 2010

Calorie Needs Change As You Age

As we age our bodies generally require less calories. If you're extremely active this may not be the case but for the majority of us it is.

I just turned 59 and I'm recovering from a spinal surgery, two strikes against me as for burning calories. I'm so glad I weigh myself on a regular basis or I'd be very large right now. I have gained some weight but am still at a healthy weight due to my caution.

I'll be honest. I miss my food! I'm still eating all I like but in much smaller quantities. I see how one can gain lots of weight and think "I'm not over eating!"

I'm finding other things to do instead of eating. I try not to eat inbetween my 4 small meals per day. I have to measure my food because I've been able to eat large servings due to all the exercise I use to do.

I love food but I want to enjoy my life so compromise is needed. It's hard but I'm learning to be okay with it.

If you have this issue you are not alone. Most of us have to stay on top of the changes our bodies make as we age or if life takes another turn in some manner that slows you down.

Be good to yourself and stay at a healthy weight or get to a healthy weight. In the long run you'll be glad you made the sacrifices needed to obtain that.

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