Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weight Control

Controlling weight can be so tough.

The holidays include lots of temptations. It's easy to buy into, "it's a holiday! the heck with controlling what I eat".

I actually did pretty well during the "special" days. My down fall is the aftermath when I have some time to myself. I have to literally find a way to make the things I know I shouldn't eat become distasteful.

I guess if you live alone it's easier to keep things out of the house but when you have a family it's more difficult to control what's in the cupboard.

I try to find something else to do when I want to over indulge. I'm writing in the blog now because the wonderfully salty chips are calling me. They're made with healthy grains and all but they add up in calories healthy or not.

Don't beat yourself up if you had a few rough days. Get back on the road to health and forgive yourself. Avoid the scales and eat less for a few days and then face that scale. I really believe in weighing. Otherwise it's easy to let things go too far. It's easy to stay in denial, "these pants must have shrunk".

I know there's more to life than watching your weight but if you don't watch your weight there may be less of life due to the diseases that come a long with poor diet and over weight.

It's a balance. 

Your fitness expert

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