Thursday, January 14, 2010

Confused About Exercise?

Are you confused about which type of exercise is BEST?

The verdict keeps changing on which exercise is best and which exercises are bad. They use to think running hurt your knees now they are considering that it saves your knees!

It can get overwhelming if you just want to get in good shape. How do you know which type of exercise to choose?

Each person is different and each body responds differently to different exercises. It's good to vary types of exercise but if you're the, " I just want a routine I can do and get on with my life!" type of a person simple is best. It's okay to stick with one routine.

Try out the different types of exercise until you find which ones work for you. If you get bored easily continue to experiment.

Don't take all the "new findings" too seriously. They change almost as much as the weather. The important thing is to MOVE. Whatever works for you is great!

Your fitness expert

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