Sunday, May 24, 2009

Live Out Your Dreams

It's so important to hold onto your dreams!

Everyone needs a reason to get up in the morning.

My family and friends are what comes to mind when I first awake. Then I'm excited to follow my dreams.

I've dreamed about being involved in the arts since I was a child. My family were artists. I didn't know what form that would take for me.

My business "Get Real Fit" has given me opportunities to delve into so many different aspects of the arts. I just love it!

I get to choreograph fitness routines for you. I work on my blog and my website. I will be doing a podcast which will be so much fun!

I get to use my acting training on camera when I do the DVDs. I have a background in radio which will help with the podcasts. I use to do radio commercials when I was a lot younger!

It's all so fun and wonderful!

Everyone has a dream. I know my husband dreams of owning a pet store after he retires. Another friend wants to own a tea store. All dreams are so great.

Few people get to make a living out of what they dream about doing. That should not stop you from doing what you love and dream about. Money is only one reward.

I think overeating can stem from not taking steps toward your childhood dreams.

Being successful is not up to others. It's up to you. What looks like success to some is not success to others.

I challenge you to take a step toward your dream next time you want to hit the refrigerator. That will add to your health and well being more than anything the refrigerator has to offer!

Your fitness expert

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