Monday, May 4, 2009

Finding The Right Fitness Equipment?

All fitness equipment is not equal!
Strength training is one of my specialties. I have a lot of different certifications from courses I've taken to maintain my certification with the American Council on Exercise. 

I think strength training is crucial for your health. 

I'm not a big believer in machines for weight training. If you have an injury they're helpful because the machines help your body stabilize. 

Now that may sound good but if you have no injuries it's not the ideal. 

Muscles lift, lower and stabilize. Working all those functions is the best way to strength train. 

I love free weights as well as elastic bands and rings for equipment. They do the job and are less expensive than machines. Elastic bands and rings are highly affordable, travel with you to work or where ever you go. 

I've checked out the companies that supply the best equipment and created the Equipment page on my website take you to those manufactures. I picked a variety of online stores so you'll be able to get all that you need on our site. 

Give the site a visit and check out the page to purchase great equipment.

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