Saturday, May 16, 2009

Workouts Shouldn't Leave You Feeling Stupid

Do you ever feel like "why don't I look like that?" while you're doing the latest and greatest workout DVD. Often the girls on the DVD look like they live in the gym.

Do you ever feel like "why was I given two left feet?" and had to keep the remote next to you so you can stop and figure out what they just did over and over. 

I know I've felt like that and I'm a fitness specialist. Some of the routines used currently are really tough to learn. 

Few of them have an instructional section for you to learn the more difficult moves. That can discourage anyone from working out. I really try to make our workouts doable. I always have a moderator doing low impact so those who can't do high impact moves can follow the moderator. I have an instructional section in each of my workouts so you can learn the more challenging moves before you begin. 

I also use girls that are in great shape but don't have ripped abs and skinny butts. They don't live at the gym but are very healthy. 

We aren't fancy but we are good. 

I do use martial art moves in my aerobic DVDs but they are doable moves. Don't let that scare you. 

The martial arts have been used for 1000's of years for fitness purposes. The moves simply work. They challenge your body in ways standard exercise can't.

If you want to get in great shape, feel good about yourself and have fun. Check out my workouts at

You'll walk away feeling challenged but good about yourself and your choice to take care of yourself!

Our workouts aren't fancy but they are great!

Your fitness expert

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