Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Helping Our Kids Get Healthy

I'm always out there seeing what's new and I found this site I want to pass on to you that have kids and grandkids.  It's called "Let's Move". The Obamas developed it to help give basic information to families and schools to improve children's health through good nutrition and exercise.

I've worked with kids for many years in my martial art school and in local school programs. I see the need for more exercise and better nutrition.

I realize more and more families need both parents to work. I think schools need to provide better food and make sure the PE programs remain regardless of the challenging economic times. After school programs and such are needed as well to keep kids moving, busy and out of trouble while parents are providing for their children by working.

Having healthy clear minds is the only way our children can do well in school. All the tests in the world can't help them to do better if they're feeling bad due to lack of nutrition and exercise. It's just how that works.

Give the site a visit and help support our kids


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Lynn    www.getrealfit.org


  1. thanks for the link Lynn, i love visitinr site concerning about health for kids.Kids is our future

  2. No problem! I saw your website and it looks great! I agree 100%


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My three best friends and I
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