Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do You Want To Double Your Chances Of Losing Weight?

Do you want to double your weight loss?

According to a recent study those who pick up a pen and keep track of what they eat get big rewards! They are twice as successful at losing weight.

The study showed a couple of reasons why.

Most people did not want to write down the extra piece of chicken they wanted or the candy bar they knew they shouldn't have.

A lot of people had no idea how much they did unconscious eating. Once they were aware of it, they were able to stop that habit.

The third reason was that often people are not aware of how many calories are in the foods they're eating.

A great website for keeping track of your calories is

Some people say,"it's too burdensome to keep a food diary".

My answer to that is... instead of spending the time over eating use it keeping track of what you do eat.

I love to eat and have to keep myself busy often to avoid nervous eating.

You don't have to keep a diary forever. Most people eat about 30 or 40 things so once you get familiar with the calories in those foods you'll know how many calories you're eating.

Measuring the portions of food you eat is extremely helpful. 
Knowing what a normal serving size is important. With all the excess food restaurants feed us it's easy to lose track of what a true portion is. 

I always use the fist method. A serving size is generally the size of your fist. Nuts are what you can hold in the center of your palm because they are so concentrated in their calories.

Just some food for thought!

Try using a food diary for a few weeks and see what a differnce it makes in your weight. I think you'll be happily surprised.

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  1. Many of us will not follow the Food or Diet program, they tend to eat junk food/Fat items by convincing themselves that eating once in a while will not upset the balance of the diet.


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