Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Becoming The Most Beautiful You!

become the best you can be!
Exercise does so much for you! It burns fat, strengthens your muscles and your bones as well as so many other health improvements...the list is long.

One thing it can't do is decide where your fat will be reduced from or give you a different body type.

Yes, you can get stronger abs and a firmer body by exercising but the fat on top of the muscle can't be lessened by spot reducing exercises. 

Losing weight and doing aerobics will lessen your fat but your body is predetermined as to where that fat loss will come from. 

Generally your body has a favorite place to gain and lose fat from. Some women tend to store fat in their middle section and some women tend to store fat in their bottoms and thighs.

If you are a pear type body shape (small upper body and large in the hips and thighs) you won't become an hour glass shape when you exercise and lose weight, just a smaller pear shape.

Learning to accept your body type is important. Then you can work at making it the best looking body within that shape. 

I would highly suggest focusing on your best body and letting go of the false claims made by some workouts to give you six pack abs and skinny thighs.

If you're born with the tendency for a six pack and skinny thighs great! If not you're heading for some disappointment.

All women are beautiful! Becoming your best is the best goal!

Your fitness expert,


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