Monday, August 30, 2010

What Beverage Keeps Your Hydrated The Longest?

What's one of the best ways to hydrate after exercise?  Milk

It's so important to stay hydrated! There's lots of drinks out there that claim to be great at hydrating you after your workout.

Studies show that milk keeps you hydrated longer. Your average sport drink keeps you hydrated for about an hour while milk has proven to keep you hydrated for four hours!

The other benefit is that milk helps your body burn fat! 3 servings a day of dairy can double the amount of fat you lose around your middle!

It also helps you maintain your muscle mass which adds up to weight loss. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn!

Milk prevents osteoporosis, hyper tension, colon cancer and lessens tooth decay.  If you lose a tooth, putting it in milk will preserve it so your dentist may be able to re implant it.

So for a recovery drink milk is one of your best choices!

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  1. Milk won't do the job if it has caffeine (chocolate milk). Caffeine has the exact effect of hydration.

    Also, milk accelerate puberty and juvenile diabetes! Ref:,2485838&dq=steroids+in+cows+milk&hl=en

    Calcium in milk cannot be absorbed properly due to interference of absorption of magnesium.

    In my personal opinion, coconut water or even coconut juice will do a better job than milk.

  2. Good points I'll be researching them. I know some people lack the enzyme needed to digest dairy so it's not for everyone. Thank you Kelly! I'll share some more about the issue.

  3. Hello again Kelly!

    I read your article. As far as accelerated diabetes, the article explains that breast feeding is recommended up until the age of 2. Some studies have shown that drinking milk under the age of 2 can cause diabetes according to this article. They go on to say that adolescence should be drinking milk to develop their bones.

    I realize there are conflicting views on milk and calcium absorption.

    The point I was sharing in this post was that milk has properties that may help with recovery from exercise.

    This link should take you to the journal of the society for sports nutrition. This article may give you some insight about what's been considered as to the benefit of milk with recovery from exercise.

    Research is always being done on these topics. I try to keep up on the newest thoughts and share them.

    Thank you for posting. I learned a lot:)


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