Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mind Over Matter When Trying To Lose Weight

The mind is an amazing thing. More and more research is going on to try to understand it.

One interesting research is on the minds ability to handle will- power.

Studies are finding that the mind has a limited ability to handle self-regulation. In other words, it can only deal with so much will-power.

If you're cutting down on spending due to the may struggle cutting down on the amount of food you're eating. The mind goes into overload when asked to do both things!

Going out to dinner is a challenge for lots of people (me included!). If you want to be able to control the portions on your plate it's best not go window shopping for things you can't afford on the way to your restaurant.

Studies are also showing that your supply of will-power can be increased.

Doing any activity that requires will-power on a regular basis seems to increase the will power threshold.

Staying on your exercise program, working on controlled spending, taking on new sports or exercise routines, controlling your food portions all help you to be able to resist temptations more easily.

It makes sense.

So if you're trying to lose weight and control your spending be aware that it is tough to do that. It can be done but make sure you are giving yourself nice rewards while doing so.

The rewards don't have to be food or things!

You can write a list of things that are free and fun to fall back on. Spending time with friends playing cards, going outside and looking at the sunset or sunrise, playing with your pets are just a few ideas.

It helps to know that you aren't alone with the struggles you're going through on this crazy but fun journey called life.

I'll keep you posted on facts and theories that can help you enjoy your journey so visit me often!

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