Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here Comes The After Wedding Let Down What Should I Do?

After big events it's completely normal to feel a "let down". Some depression and feeling a bit lost is common and normal.

So much of your time was spent planning and anticipating the event, it becomes a major part of your life.  When it's all over sometimes a let down comes.

My son just got married. It was so exciting and full of surprises, problems and solutions. Now the last of my company left and I'm here staring at the mess. I feel a bit lost. I want to eat chocolate and sleep.

I'm so glad I know this time generally comes. It allows me to pamper myself, not expect myself to clean up all the mess in one day and to rest. In the past I got mad at myself for being such a baby which didn't help at all.

I now know to keep my day simple. Do what I can, rest and then start to look at my to do list and slowly get back to my normal life. I avoid eating too much chocolate (maybe just a little lol) but instead to focus on rest. I don't plunge into the next big project but allow myself to decompress.

I also remind myself during the big event that a let down may come so I'm prepared to take another day off, get some movies, have friends I can talk to and to include gentle exercise.

I don't try to do a tough workout for a couple days. It is important to get some exercise because exercise increases your feel good hormones but really intense workouts can add to the stress so I avoid them for a couple of days. When I'm ready a good sweat gets things going again.

If you've just completed a big event and find yourself a bit lost try to give yourself a break and know that it's common and normal to feel the let down. It will pass. Avoid overeating and such to get through them.  Those choices prolong the let down. Allow a few tears if need be and know it's normal. That alone helps the let down melt away.

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