Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Three Exercises That Work Your Full Body

Here's another workout for you! It's just three exercises that work your body and your core.

If you add this to your workouts I've shared in prior blogs you'll have a nice collection of exercises you can do to get in great shape!

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  1. I never thought I could do squats because of my knees but by using the chair it makes a world of difference!

    now, let get to work on my arms!

  2. Thanks for visiting "Doing It With Grace", Lynn, and thanks for keeping up a great blog. I've been exercising throughout my life and and got myself back to the gym about 4 years ago while caring for my elderly parents. I always say that I leave a pile of venom at the base of the elliptical stepper- better there than in my brain or body! I'm devoted to maintaining the fitness level I've achieved and am proud to say that I'm in better shape than a lot of twenty year olds. Here's to being over fifty and fabulous!

  3. Well, didn't you just drop into my life at a perfect time? I just had my ball reinflated yesterday, and my back is sore from all this computer time. Loved your video. Keep them coming, please. Got anything great for inner thigh? I haven't made it to the gym much these last few months and I'm seeing some nasty changes. Thank you Lynn. Great blog!

  4. Thanks all I so appreciate the kind words!

    I'll get to making more vids for you:) Inner thighs will be on the top of my list.


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