Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hold Onto The Beautiful Moments

Last night I watched my new daughter-in-law look into my sons eyes with love that I dreamed of for him since he was first put in my arms.

The love of a mother is so deep. Knowing that your son's wife loves him as deeply as you do is a gift beyond any. I watched my son marry his new wife last night. It was a moment stamped in my heart, a moment that I will reach for when I think the world is unkind or too tough.

The room was filled with friends as well as family members from around the globe. Multiple cultures, customs and beliefs all joined hands and brought this couple into the special union. It was amazing to see. It brought me hope not only for my son but for people. Every one let go and accepted the differences without malice.

When moments like this come into your life I truly believe you should hold on to them like the most precious jewel. They can get you through some of your darkest moments. They bring light into your life. You can draw on them for strength when you feel weak or forgotten. No one can take away your beautiful moments unless you let them.

I hope you have beautiful moments in your life and that you cling to them as I will cling to this moment that is carved in my heart forever...

Lynn Hahn

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My three best friends and I

My three best friends and I
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