Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stick With Licensed Professionals For Advise About Your Diet Needs

I had to post about this. Why do people go to fitness trainers for diets? Why not go to a nutritionist?

I see so many people offering diets, nutrition supplements and such who have no training what so ever. They seem to be making money doing this. I have to shake my head and bite my lip.

Sure you can lose weight doing what some of them suggest if you're a healthy person with no allergies or health issues but if you get unbalanced nutritional advise you may lose weight and gain health issues.

What you eat is so individualized. It takes a lot of training to become a nutritionist. Most doctors don't create their own diets for people unless they also have special training in nutrition. They know how specialized nutritional advise is. I just don't get it...

The fees that some of these untrained people charge is not much less and even more sometimes than what a licensed nutritionist would charge.

Getting a recipe for chili on line from an untrained cook makes sense. If it doesn't taste good you can just throw it out but getting a whole diet plan from an untrained person can add up to health problems and those take time to get rid of if they even can be over come.

In my training it was made very clear that we have to stay within our expertise. We refer to nutritionists and limit what nutritional advise we give. Thank goodness we have boards and licensing to make sure those who work with our bodies have training.  offers all the general advise you need. Specific advise should come from a licensed professional.

Sticking with the specialists is very important.

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  1. Excellent advice Lynn. My son is planning on becoming a fitness trainer AND a nutritionist. But right now I see him taking advice from people at his health club.


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