Sunday, October 24, 2010

Foods You Eat And Foods You Taste

My husband and I went out with friends last night to a French restaurant. We really enjoy spending time with this couple. They both want to trim down and asked for my help.

They asked me if I didn't like my food. I told them I 
loved the food but I have a rule. I only eat half of my food at restaurants. I went on to tell them that using your fist to determine what a healthy portion is works well too.

Dessert...well I only tasted it. Diving into a really rich dessert is something I gave up when I got my first grey hair! It's just not worth gaining weight for a short lived pleasure. I can taste it and pretend I ate the whole thing lol.

I don't deprive myself but there are certain foods I eat and others that I taste. It's worked very well for me and I highly suggest it to you.

As we age our metabolism slows down. Accepting that and making changes is important for retaining good health through out your life.

The other thought "I paid for that dinner" has changed in my mind to "yes I paid for it but I don't want to pay for it later too." Cleaning your plate is not a good idea. My mother was wrong on that one.

I look forward to working with my friends to help them rethink about food.

If you're struggling with weight issues you can always leave a comment here or visit my website and leave a question on my contact page. I'll do my best to answer your questions.

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  1. Each person seems to be so different. As in not all diets or exercise regimens work for everyone. At 45 and a really bad back, I'm finding it hard to exercise the way I used to be able to do.

    Low cost or no cost suggestions?

  2. I REALLY have to start only eating half. It's so hard to do when we eat for taste. Thanks for the great tips. I found you on SITS :)

  3. Low cost ideas for exercise.. walking is a great one. It costs nothing. It's great for back issues. I'm required to walk for my spine issues. I had to have a 3 level cervical disc fusion a year ago. I can't walk enough according to my doctor.

    You could walk with your kids. Maybe get some of your church members to walk with you.


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