Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Special Place-Guest Blogger!

My special place is anywhere near water. Water is such a spiritual element . I do my best thinking near large bodies of water, the shower, in the rain, even when I am washing the dishes. It draws me in to introspect on my life. It calms me to actually hear and take notice of my thoughts. In this transient state I have had many good talks with myself. I have reworked my future plans. I have made new financial goals. I have practiced apologizing for when I really have to do it. I refer to things people have said in order to get a better perspective on my parenting, on my marriage and for healthier relationships at work. I reminisce about good days in my past that elate my spirits and cause me to feel euphoria, or the peace of forgiveness to those who were mean towards me as a child. I am reminded of scriptures as I enjoy reading. Here is where I have such amazement and affection for our creator.  It is also here that I have learned to love myself and appreciate the best and worst about me. I am inspired by others in relation to myself and absorb their strengths.

There are just certain environments where people thrive. I heard some people say for them it is the mountains. For some a flat plain that goes on for miles. Some say definitely the forest for camping in the great outdoors. I still can’t figure out why people enjoy the snow so much. That one is beyond me. But anywhere near water makes me feel as though I am in my natural habitat. I just learned to swim this summer! Once I saw how much I love it, I went almost everyday. I think I was even more of a pleasant person as well. At this stage in my life I have a lot more inner growing to do and I have found my therapy lies in my meditation maximized by a fluid environment. 

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  1. What peaceful thoughts! This was a great guest post!

  2. I love living close to water as well, being a city slicker it isn't always easy to do though. I need to at least be able to see a large water body from my window, it just helps me unwind after a long day.

  3. Thanks for featuring me Lynn. I love all your gadgets and enjoyed your YouTube channel.

  4. As a guest blogger you can really get on the radar of your readers by fulfilling a need in readers

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts..Really you have nice place to remember your past memories ..


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