Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Tricks To Help You Control How Much Candy You Eat!

Halloween is always a tough day for me. I have a huge sweet tooth! I've learned a few tips that have really helped me to survive Halloween without suffering from extreme guilt and an upset tummy.

Buy candy that you don't like. That's challenging for me because I like most candy. I don't like regular tootsie rolls, Jolly Rangers or a lot of candy corn so that's what I buy. I also give any left overs to my church or the food bank so it's not around to tempt me.

My kids are all grown up but when they were young I let them choose they're favorite candy and let them choose what they were going to give a way. I believe it's good to teach children about sharing at a young age.

I had a protein bar that's really filling tonight to get some extra will power. I hope the ghosts and goblins gobble up all your candy!

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