Saturday, October 9, 2010

Restaurants Friend or Foe

Americans are becoming over weight at an alarming rate. Most feel that's due to lack of exercise. I can't disagree with that but I am very concerned that many don't recognize the relationship with over eating.

From 1977 to 1996 the portions of foods restaurants serve went up dramatically.  All you can eat restaurants got plenty of competition.

The portion sizes that seemed typical to people got twisted. Having a full plate meant having a full plate, way too full.

Are restaurants to blame?

With the fast pace of life now more and more Americans are eating out. Home cooked meals are becoming a special treat instead of going out to a restaurant being the treat. The portions served at restaurants has clearly affected peoples perception of how much they should be eating.

Fast food restaurants are getting a lot of pressure about offering healthier choices to their customers. That's great but the portions they offer should also be govern. Unless you're a fast growing teenage boy, Sumo wrestler or a body builder the portions are out of balance.

The cost over eating has on you and our nation is plenty. Insurance rates are rising. The studies show that overweight or obese people live 8 to 10 years less than normal sized individuals and the quality of life over weight or obese person have is far less. 63% of Americans are over weight or obese.

I propose a challenge to you. When I go out to a restaurant with a girl friend we usually split the meal. The restaurant doesn't get as much money nor does the waiter. The fast food chains also get less for their registers. If enough people did this maybe restaurants and fast food chains would decide to be reasonable with their portions.

We wouldn't have to worry as much about how much we should be eating when we go out and just enjoy our food. Using our fists to judge portions and all the tricks we need to do would not be needed. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

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  1. Lynn- I'm in 100 percent agreement. I live in France. Our portions are much smaller, our time spent eating is much longer, and it's rare to see people snack in between meals or eat on the run. And people are thinner here. The idea is not to be full. It's to be satiated. And to truly enjoy every...slow....bite.

  2. My husband and I love Europe. We spent a little time in Paris. I read your blog all the time and love hearing about your time in France.

    I never have to take a doggie bag in Europe. I get to eat my food and savor every bite. I love the time spent around a meal. Eating is just wonderful. Walking away from a meal and needing to let your belt out takes the fun out of it that's for sure.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ouch! I have to say eating out is something I do a lot! I'm getting better and recent changes in my life are going to make it more necessary. I like your idea of sharing a meal, but I will still be hungry. I guess that is your point. Eating out has made me eat more and more, most of the time empty calories. This is extra motivation, I'm getting this message from many directions, it is time I listened.

  4. You are right, Lynn! I often hear people say .. oh I'm not going to waste it (like they are throwing money down the drain if they don't eat it all). So, take it home or as you suggest share it with a friend. Well, to be honest, I would rather throw the extra out than make myself eat it and feel miserable plus add on extra pounds.

    Great post!!


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