Friday, June 25, 2010

Break The Comfort Food Habit

I hear, read and work with women who use food for comfort. I have to plead guilty on that account too.

Food can bring a decompressing quality when stress is overwhelming you. It relaxes me and lets me escape the world of pressures. The only problems is then it adds to the stress because gaining weight is stressful for most women. Me included. It's an ugly cycle.

Breaking the habit is not often easy. Denial seems easier than facing the fact that eating when you're not hungry is not healthy. Food lies to you. It will only bring momentary comfort. Telling yourself that over and over is helpful.

Having a list of things you can do to relax yourself when you feel a lot of stress, boredom or anger is so important.

I take short strolls around the block if my day is too much. I have a dogwood tree that is very beautiful when it blooms. I'll go in my back yard and just stare at it for a bit, focus on my breathing and then try to get at my day again.

At night focusing on my breathing and watching what I call a "stupid show" helps me. A comedy that has no apparent lesson or purpose other than to make me laugh. Laughter is healing.

My dogs bring me so much relief from stress I swear they are angels brought to help me get through this wild and crazy thing we call life.

It's far more fun to eat when you are truly hungry. Tell yourself messages like that over and over.

I'm not saying it's easy or that you'll be perfect at not giving into emotional eating. Having back ups is really important. So is forgiving yourself if you do have a slip.

You are not alone! Most women deal with the emotional eating nightmare. Talking about it helps too. Feel free to leave me comments and or questions about the issue.

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