Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Weight Loss Maze

I just got through writing another podcast which I will be taping soon and will pass on to you but I just had to blog about the challenge many face with weight control.

In researching this topic I was reminded just how crazy it is out there. If you only eat protein you will get thin. If you stop eating past 4 pm the weight will melt off. If you eat just healthy food you don't have to count calories. Just exercise and the weight will come off. Don't exercise because that make you gain weight. Wow...my head was spinning.

Why common sense has been thrown to the wind amazes me. There truly is no secret or magic potion to weight control. The body isn't that complicated. Calories in versis calories used adds up to the end product. A healthy body or an over weight body.

There are certain things like alcohol that are big culprits because alcohol  is not used by the body but stored as fat. Junk food is laden with calories and most of it empty calories so your body doesn't get the nutrients it needs even if your calories of it are reasonable. You'll be thin but unhealthy.

It's really confusing out there. The best choice is to stay away from extremes. Anything that's extreme is generally extremely dangerous.

I understand the desperation that can come with being unhappy with your weight and not having the know how to deal with it. I always suggest going to your doctor for help. Going to a good licensed nutritionist is the best answer!

Unfortunately some people don't have insurance. That is getting to be a better situation but some are still without medical help. If that's the case then make sure you get your advise from professionals. Make sure  the website or blog you're reading was written by a certified professional. If they don't have their credentials listed it generally means they don't have any. Contact them if need be and ask what their background is before following any of their advise.

Make sure the books you read are written by medical professionals. I know even that can require common sense thinking. Dr. Atkins started with a radical approach to weight control but if you follow the adjustments in that diet it did sway toward more balanced eating.

I believe and was taught that this is the best website for weight loss information


Don't get lost in the Weight loss maze. There are many of us professionals that can help you see the light.

Feel free to ask questions and leave comments. I'd love to hear from you!

Your fitness expert

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