Saturday, June 19, 2010

Snap, Crackle ,Pop

Some of my clients make what I call "joint music" when they exercise. A snap or pop occurs in their joints. Several women have it in their hip bone area. Some have it in the knees or elbows.

My body is like a melody of snaps and pops. My knees pop when I get up and down. My elbows like to "catch" and now my neck sings a crunching noise.

I've always been like that, other than my neck that's a new thing. My body music can be really loud and a bit embarrassing when I'm in church or the library. People sometimes look at me with concern, some with annoyance.

My clients often ask me if it's okay to continue to exercise when they hear their joints snapping. Here's my reply...

If there's pain with the noise than you should stop exercising and you do need to see your doctor. There could be problems but if there is no pain I'm told generally it's not a problem. I work with a lot of physical therapists so I've posed this question to them many times.

There are several things that could be happening when you hear the popping noise. It can be escaping of gases or the movement of your tendons and ligaments within your joint.

Your joint is bone surrounded by cartilage. The cartilage is protected by a capsule filled with synovial membranes that produce a fluid. The fluid contains oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases. When your joint cracks it can be because your joint capsule is stretched which can cause gas bubbles to form. When the gas is released that is the popping noise heard.

It can also be from the friction caused when your joints are compressed and expanded and the tendons get out of place. The noise occurs when they snap back in place.

Again, if there's no pain it generally causes no damage. If there is pain it's time to give your doctor a visit.

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