Thursday, June 10, 2010

Keep Thinking Healthy!

Hearing, reading and thinking about your health is very important.

It's very easy to make bad choices. We have access to lots of junk foods and exercise is something we have to find time to do instead of what most of our days activities bring to us. Sitting is the main position for the majority of us due to all the technical advancements we've made.

I created this blog to help you do just that, take time to think about your health. It's a place you can gain knowledge, ask questions and get answers from a certified expert in the health industry.

So much information is at your finger tips due to the internet but is that good or bad? If you don't have the background to figure it out that information can do more harm than good.

Take advantage of the podcasts

the website dedicated to tips for women

and information on this blog to keep you going forward on your journey to health! It's all free information.

Hope your day is full of healthy choices!

Feel free to ask questions and leave comments. I'd love to hear from you!

Your fitness expert



  1. Hi Lynn. This looks like a great blog.

    As a solo-entrepreneur, I find myself constantly working at my computer and not taking the time to exercise. I look forward to some inspiration so I can be in better health and get fit!

  2. I totally understand. Helping others make good choices helps me make good choices.

    I love working on the computer. I've learned to get up often and take short exercise breaks. When I come back to my computer I'm actually able to think more clearly.


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My three best friends and I
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