Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Exercise And Martial Arts

The martial arts have been used for exercise for centuries.

The right combination of kicking, punching and other martial art moves will burn fat faster than traditional aerobics.

The reason is "the more muscles you use the longer you can use them".

To burn fat you need oxygen. Your muscles demand it. If you're using lots of muscles at the same time you'll have a larger amount of oxygen in your system so you'll be able to keep moving longer.

Aerobic exercise such as biking uses focuses muscles so you pull in less oxygen. You run out of oxygen faster so your body starts to burn another fuel source called glycogen.

I just did my "Punch and Firm" workout and loved it! I had spinal surgery about 9 months ago and am in "do-over" mode. I can't do the high impact but did pretty well with the low impact my DVDs offer.

If you're getting ready for your summer clothes...invest in my workouts. They'll whip you into shape FAST!

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