Thursday, April 29, 2010

How Accurate Is Your Scale?

There are some who say weigh every day and others who say never weigh yourself.

Those who don't want to weigh every day generally have a pair of pants or something to guide them as to their size: the same, bigger or smaller.

I personally weigh every day because I'm a horrible judge of my size. I love to eat too so I could run into problems if I'm not careful. I don't trust my pants because my husband is famous for shrinking my clothes in the dryer.

One issue I've had is just how accurate is my scale? My husband and I travel between Tacoma and Wenatchee so we have different scales at each house. That's been a problem for me because the scales are either different or I weigh more in Wenatchee than I do in Tacoma!

I was ready to throw out both scales and start over when I ran across a more sensible plan. I googled "most accurate scales" and found that many people struggle with the accuracy of their scales. A few shared that they have gotten on and off their scales and either lost or gained weight in seconds! The scales were not reading true.

I finally ran across a forum where a girl said she used a 10 pound weight to see if her scale was reading her weight correctly. What a great idea!

I started doing that and found that my scales varies how much the ten pound weight weighs. Now what I do is weigh the free weight then see if it's under or over what it is suppose to weigh and adjust accordingly.

That may sound picky but for those of us that are very small a few pounds makes a difference and for those that are trying to lose or gain weight accuracy is important.

I wanted to pass that tip on to you. I saw that many people want to know how to solve the "how accurate is my scale" problem.

So there you go! Now you too may not have to go out and search for the perfect scale.

Feel free to ask questions and leave comments. I'd love to hear from you!

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