Friday, April 16, 2010

Sixty And Sexy!

My goal is to come into my 60's being strong and sexy lol!

I'll be 60 in January 2010. This is a picture of me just before my surgery 9 months ago. I have women tell me "I want to look like that!" and I respond "so do I!"

I had cervical spine surgery on July 27th 2009. I went from this to...well I haven't had to heart to take a photo. I really don't want to remember how bad I got.

I didn't gain weight in fact I lost weight, all muscle weight. Love handles and all, my husband supported me and told me if I never got back to my former self...he was fine with it. I really scored with him (:

I'm not fine with it and it's not just the love handles ( I am a bit vain) being weak is not for me! I didn't realize just how strong I was!

I would give ladies 15 pound weights to do bicep curls and be respectful but a bit confused as to why they weren't able to lift them. I could and I'm really small. They were really light to me.

No more. It's taken me 3 months to get up to lifting 8 pounds! I won't be able to lift past 10 pounds until July but that gives me 6 months to get strong again and get strong I will!

Join me on my 9 month GET STRONG plan.

Check out my fitness DVDs on   Those are my workouts and I'm using them to become the best I can be...

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My three best friends and I
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