Monday, September 13, 2010

Get Fit Fast With Kickboxing

Kickboxing gets you fit fast!

I've been in the fitness industry for 40 years. I started to train in the martial arts about 20 years ago. I was amazed how much my fitness level improved from participating in the martial arts!

Kickboxing is amazing! Your fitness level will improve fast if you use kickboxing as one of your aerobic activities.The reason is due to a few truths:

"The more muscle you use the less time you need to exercise to get fit!"

Any aerobic exercise is good but some will bring results faster. Walking, running and biking use mostly your lower body. Your upper body has limited involvement. 

Kickboxing challenges your body by pushing several muscles at the same time. You're using almost all of the muscles in your body! Your body is doing a lot more work so you burn more calories and get fit faster.

Another truth:

"The more muscles you use the longer you can exercise"

This is due to the larger amount of oxygen your body brings in when several muscle groups are active. Your body brings oxygen to each muscle group so the more muscle groups you use the higher your supply of oxygen is.

Your body burns 3 types of fuel. 

The largest fuel source is fat which has the by-product of water. The second fuel source is glycogen which has a limited supply and has lactic acid as it's by-product.

When you bike you use one main group of muscles, your legs. Notice how quickly they begin to burn. That burn is lactic acid. Since one group of muscles is being used your oxygen supply is less so your body begins to burn glycogen. You need oxygen to burn fat.

When several muscle groups are involved more oxygen is flooding into your system to fed the various muscles used so you stay in a fat burning state longer. Since the by-product of burning fat is water you can exercise longer when you use various muscles because you're more comfortable and you have more fuel available.

Kickboxing uses almost every muscle in your body. You kick with your legs and punch with your arms. 

Kickboxing is amazing!

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