Friday, September 10, 2010

Are You Afraid Of Getting Bulky By Weight Lifting?

Does weight lifting scare you?

A lot of women are worried they'll get big and bulky if they weight train. 

Some women will get more defined muscles but to bulk up requires a certain body type and a lot of heavy lifting plus a special high protein diet. The women you see in the "body building" contests work very hard for those results.

Most women get stronger but not bulky. Weight training helps you control your weight. The more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn just sitting around. Fat goes for a free ride and burns zero calories!

Weight lifting doesn't need to be done every day. In fact it's best not to train every day. Your body builds muscle on the rest days not while you're actually lifting. Two to three non consecutive days per week is all you need. 

Weight training shouldn't take a lot of time. Half an hour is great! No more than an hour is advised. You burn a fuel called glycogen when you do weight training. Your body has a limited supply so keeping your weight training session short is important.

Weight training not only helps you control your weight it makes you strong!  Being strong allows you to be more independent. You can go to the grocery store and get your own big bag of dog food. 

I've been weight training for years and I am surely not bulky. I'm lean and toned but not muscular. I have no desire to bulk up and I don't think my long lean body would behave if I ate the protein diets and lifted the really heavy weights required to be a "body builder". 

I specialize in strength training for women. If you're looking for some good routines visit my website and go to the "products" page. You'll see the workouts available to you.

The fear of getting weak and overweight should out weigh the fear of getting bulky.

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