Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Elastic Resistance Is A Great Way To Get Fat Burning Muscles

Building muscle is crucial to weight control! Muscles burn calories. Fat just goes a long for the ride.

Fat is a great insulator. It helps to keep you warm. It protects you from injury. Your organs need to have some fat around them. Fat is the largest and most available energy source you have. Fat is not a bad thing. Excess fat is.

Muscle is active tissue. It has a job. Muscle makes your body move. Since it's active tissue it burns calories. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn. Having strong muscles helps you control your weight.

Muscles need to be challenged by resistance to build. That resistance can come in many forms; free weights, weight machines, your own body resistance and elastic resistance.

If you've ever had the misfortune of having to go to a physical therapist for an injury then you're familiar with elastic resistance. Your PT probably gave you some elastic bands to take home with you so you could do the required exercises. Elastic resistance is easier on your joints than free weights. You can get to some muscles more effectively too like your rotator cuff muscles.

Using varies methods to challenge your muscles is a good plan. I love elastic resistance. I use to travel a lot. I would pack up my bands and rings in my little carry on luggage and never miss a day of my strength training. That's the key to getting fit. Being consistant.

I use elastic resistance with my clients. It's easy to bring them to women's homes and cheap for the women to purchase so they can continue with the programs I put together for them. Most women are not familiar with elastic resistance as a choice for strength training (unless they've been to a physical therapist).

I decided to put together a DVD so other women could learn exercises that can be done with elastic resistance. I include the DVD with my clients so they have a good basic program they can follow when our sessions are over. I called the DVD "Body Bands and Rings" because I use all three elements in the workout. You can purchase the DVD at this link

You can get elastic resistance at most sporting stores and most come with a booklet sharing exercises you can do with them. I highly suggest you give elastic resistance a try. They can help you get healthy, fat burning muscles!

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