Friday, September 17, 2010

My Sweet Little Joe

This is my little Joe. He passed away the day before Thanks Giving 2009. I miss him still. I still find myself crying when I see his cute face in my mind.

Dogs are wonderful. The can bring so much joy into your world. Studies show that they lessen stress and add purpose to your life. They can lessen depression too. 

There are a lot of dogs that need homes. In California there is an abundant number of dogs that are being euthanized. It breaks my heart. I have a house full of the furry fellows already or I'd go get more.

I had to have a picture of my Joey on my blog. So there he is. Hardly bigger than a cookie jar but the space he took in my heart was huge! I hope you're blessed with a sweet animal. They truly are amazing!

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  1. This dog looks like Fizzgig from Dark Crystal.

  2. lol he does sort of. That's my little Joe. He was 2 pounds of Fizzgig wildness. He passed away this year. It broke my heart. Good to know he has a toy that's probably his size out there keeping the cuteness going.


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My three best friends and I
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