Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Can Exercise Help Flatten Your Abs?

Just over a year ago I had major surgery. I had 3 levels fused in my neck. It was due to a sport injury. It was a tough recovery. I have a really long neck so it was a bit more of a struggle for me to recovery than those who have short necks.

Slow walking was all I could do...very slow. It wasn't until I was nine months along that I was able to pick up the pace and to include strength training.

I have the straight up and down body type that adds weight in my middle (the worst place to gain). I lost my muscle mass so my legs got skinny and my belly got a roll. I was still thin just became what I call a skinny fat person. I was more fat than muscle.

I've been doing my workouts for just over three months and am thrilled to report my muscle to fat ratio is really good again. My belly roll is gone! Ya Ho.

I had to share this little clip with you. Spot reduction does not work but spot firming does. It toned my abs back up and I'm back to me again

It does take consistency but age is not a factor. I'm almost sixty years old. I was able to do a do over and it worked.

I hope this encourages you to hang in there, keep trying.

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