Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Could Exercise Help With Our Energy Issues?

I just read an amazing article about power supply...human power supply!

When you go to a gym what do you see? Tons of lights, electric exercise machines, the air conditioning or heat freely flowing (especially in HOT yoga classes!) and showers that have the hot water waiting to be used.

The pools are generous with their chlorine which you can smell a mile away! The walls are painted with colorful paint and the bathrooms smell of the disinfectant supplies being used.

Not too "green" are they!

Some gyms are getting smart. They're situating their windows to make use of solar heat as well as making use of air flow to lessen the need for air conditioning. They're  using showers that heat "on call".

They're using paints and adhesives with low volatile organic compounds so they don't emit dangerous toxins in the air while you're huffing and puffing as you workout.

The list is long but the amazing thing I read was some are using the clients for their power supply!

They hook up spin bikes to DC generators that produce electricity, which in turn is directed into a 12-volt battery bank. This bank can power TV sets, stereos and lights! All the energy released in the form of burned-up carbohydrates and fat that's dissipated into the air when members exercise can be turned into energy.

Other countries are way ahead of us. We've been able to get our energy for so cheap nothing has inspired us to change...until now.

When my company shoots DVDs we use florescent cool lights to save energy and to keep the girls from overheating. We should plug ourselves up to a DC generator when we do our productions. We omit tons of energy into the air lol.

Wouldn't it be great if people could all get together, workout hard and store that energy so people can help with the energy shortage??? Water power, wind power and people power!

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  1. Yes that would be awesome! Hopefully someday we WILL! :)

  2. I would love it! What a great way to save money and become fit!


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