Thursday, September 9, 2010

More About Milk And How It Benefits You After Exercise

There was so much interest in the post about milk and exercise recovery that I decided to share more information.

The studies are still in process but here are some findings:

Low fat or fat free milk are absorbed more slowly into the system than current sport drinks so the rehydration abilities appear to be greater with milk. The tests showed less urination post exercise than with the other drinks thus suggesting better hydration occurs with milk than with other sport drinks.

Milk has shown to aid in the way your body uses protein after exercise so drinking low fat milk after strength training particularly may help you build muscle better.

Milk is naturally high in the electrolytes lost during exercise. Low fat milk can replace those electrolytes. It also has the carbohydrates your body needs to restore its glycogen storages after exercise.

Glycogen is an energy source your body uses during exercise along with fat. Your body has a much smaller supply of glycogen than fat so replacing your glycogen storage is very important after exercise.

Here's a link to one source to learn more about milk and exercise

The studies about milk and exercise are on going. I personally find that it benefits my recovery from exercise. If you're lactose intolerant it's not wise to use milk but if you have the enzymes needed to digest dairy you might want to give it a try!

Keep your questions and comments coming. I love them. It encourages me to share more helpful information.

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  1. Hello,
    It is the high and rich source of protein and basically the impact of drinking milk after exercise has found that milk helps exercisers burn more fat.


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