Sunday, September 12, 2010

Positive Thinking Leads To Positive Results

What you think is what you'll feel. Thoughts create emotions and emotions cause action.Thinking positive is important for your health. 

Words create different thoughts so if you select positive words you can improve your life. If you tell yourself "no one likes me" the general result is depression. If you tell yourself "I need to make more friends" the result is usually moving toward a solution.

Staying in the solution and not the problem is a healthy choice. 

When you approach your exercise schedule by telling yourself "I don't have time" that will cement that idea. If you tell yourself "I'm really busy so I need to schedule time" then your success will follow.

Thinking positive doesn't mean that you ignore reality. It means you view it in a solvable manner.

It's important to recognize health issues such as weight control but beating yourself up over needing to lose weight is not a good plan. It rarely leads to success.

Venting is fine and healthy just change the words you use while doing so. Be kind to yourself. Be honest and work toward your goals with positive words.

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