Monday, May 3, 2010

Make Friends With Food

Making friends with food may sound like a bad idea. You may think that you have too much friendship going on with food. But if you stop and think about it overeating is not a good relationship. You're using food not really enjoying food when you over eat.

Food has been my comfort for most of my life. I struggled with an eating disorder for 17 years. I finally realized that food was not being my friend, it was stopping me from living life.

That didn't stop me from loving food. With a lot of help I learned how to have a good relationship with food. I learned to really experience and enjoy my 6 small meals a day. They taste soooo good to me.

I learned to make my meals special and not to take them for granted. Even taking "human" relationships for granted can cause problems.

Stuffing my face was not making me happy. It made me avoid things that were eating at me. Running to food was making me run away from life.

Life can be wonderful and it can be overwhelming and it can be down right scary at times but over eating only adds to those tough times. It doesn't make them go away. Now instead of one problem you have two problems when you go to food for comfort.

Think about that. Talking to your doctor or a councilor instead of over eating is a better plan.

Food for thought...

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