Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is A "6 Pack" A Good Thing?

Having a strong core body is important. The push for a 6 pack is controversial.

I had spine surgery 9 months ago. I went in in peak conditioning and left totally de-conditioned!

I've been working with a great physical therapist and an amazing massage therapist. Both have given me lectures about getting a 6 pack.

I never had a 6 pack just a very strong core body. They said that's what I should shoot for again but not a 6 pack.

They explained that over developing the upper abs can cause back problems, breathing problems and restricts the area your internal organs need.

My massage therapist is from Iran. He's confused why Americans tend to want 6 pack abs. I had to laugh. Many of us do tend to think from the outside in. Let us look good outside and if the inside gets better BONUS.

I'm working hard on getting my strong core body back by working my back as much as my chest and abs. I did before but now I'm even more aware of how important that is. Muscle balance is crucial for a healthy spine.

Just wanted to pass that on. Most women struggle to get 6  packs anyway so I hope this makes you aware that you really are better off with a strong core and not the ripples.

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