Saturday, May 15, 2010

What Is A Fitness Stick?

I'm recovering from spine surgery. My physical therapist is a firm believer in fitness sticks. I purchased one per her request and love it!

I think the best exercise for the stick is working your rotator cuff muscles which are the tiny muscles in your shoulders that make them move. God gave you tiny muscles to do a very big job!

She has me hold it by my side with my arm straight, palm facing me. She then has me do very small shakes in and out from my side with my arm locked straight. Man does it burn!

She puts a timer on and has me go for 2 minutes. I can switch sides (she forgot to tell me that the first time I did it and that was crazy hard).

I went to the Brooks store to buy mine but I found it on Amazon and wanted to pass the info on to you.  I am an Amazon affiliate. I wish I would have checked there first ugggg

If you get a fitness stick let me know how you do with it. There are other exercises that are great. I'm just not able to do them yet.

Feel free to leave comments and questions. I love hearing from you.

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